Tuesday, April 23, 2019

All The Opportunities!

One of the best things about Loyola is how many opportunities you’re given without even realizing it. Whether it is a clinic, an externship, or a student organization, there is not only something for everyone, they are open to everyone (I mean you have to apply and interview for a lot of them, but that is just like real life, right? You still have the opportunity.)

I have been lucky enough to really dive into several of the experiential learning opportunities here. My work on the Byrne Trial Team is experiential. I am also in the Hobbs/Poehls District Attorney Practicum, which is another experiential program. Because I want to be a trial attorney, I am involved in programs that are geared towards trial skills. If trial isn’t your thing, there are tons of other programs out there that will be geared towards whatever you want to try.

I think that anyone who goes here would be crazy not to take advantage of all of the experiential opportunities. Something I hear from almost every practicing lawyer I meet here in LA is that Loyola produces the best skill-based, practice-ready attorneys in the area straight out of law school. It is because the majority of us take advantage of actually learning how to be a lawyer while we are in school through these programs, rather than learning just the theoretical stuff. My opinion is: you can know absolutely everything about the law, but if you don’t know how to practically apply that knowledge, what is the point?

There are also concentrations at Loyola, which allows you to take classes in certain areas of the law and then you get a distinction on your transcript that you completed a certain concentration. I haven’t officially signed up for one, but I plan on applying to be a part of the Criminal Justice Concentration. Another great opportunity here at Loyola is to take classes that will truly help you practice in your field of choice!

Monday, April 22, 2019

I Love That Loyola Is A Law School for Los Angeles

Everyone has their expectations of what law school will be like when they get there. If you don’t have family members or close friends who’ve gone through it, those expectations are probably shaped by movies and TV. Some images are very familiar: mountains upon mountains of homework; humiliating cold-calls; classmates ripping pages out of library books so no one else can study from them. It’s all enough to make you wonder why anyone goes to law school in the first place.

Loyola definitely is not like that. (And, for all I know, neither is any other law school – I mean who, in the 21st Century, even looks at library books anymore?) Loyola is a down-to-earth place; a place for students who are ready to dig into their work as lawyers. An attorney I know who practices in L.A. – a person who did not go to Loyola – once described Loyola as “the city’s law school.”

I love that idea. I feel great when I see that idea borne out in real life. I see it manifested in many of the students, who are hard-working, unpretentious, and always willing to collaborate. A good many, it seems to me, are eager to work through law school so they can go on to join the bloodstream of this city – perhaps in public service, or on behalf of clients with special needs. In my own experience interning in both government and public interest law offices while at Loyola, I’ve met so many inspiring grads – from judges to civil rights lawyers to executive directors of nonprofits. They all seem particularly well-prepared for the avenue of service they have pursued.

I’m inspired by the idea that Loyola is where so many people who want to serve this city come to get their education. After all, it has a nearly 100-year history of educating lawyers, much of that history at its current campus adjacent to downtown, where there are so many in need of representation.

If you want to go to law school, but worry the environment will look too much like what you’ve seen in the movies, I can reassure you – that’s not Loyola. While it’s by no means easy (it is, after all, law school) it’s a supportive environment, and one that particularly speaks to the ideal of service. To call Loyola “the city’s law school” is, I think, to pay it a tremendous compliment.

Friday, April 19, 2019

What I Love Most About Loyola

I got lucky with Loyola. Studying for the LSAT during off season basketball training was tedious and felt impossible at times. When it finally came time to apply for schools I was in the midst of the busiest time of the year for a collegiate basketball player. I was traveling to the East coast for games twice a week and practicing every day, along with classes. There was no physical way for me to visit any of the schools I applied to. I took virtual tours and looked up information on the internet, but essentially I decided to go to Loyola on a whim. Fast forward to my second semester of law school, and I could not be happier with my choice.

Loyola was always on my radar, as I had always dreamed of moving to the west coast to pursue a law degree. When it came time to decide, something felt instinctively right about Loyola. When I was finally able to visit the campus in June, before starting classes in August, I was nervous. Once I stepped foot on campus I knew I had made the right decision. My initial excitement heightened as I started law school this past August. While Loyola’s facilities, and accommodations are top tier, it is the people at Loyola that sets it apart from other law schools. I can not say enough about the faculty and students at Loyola.

As mentioned in a previous post, there is a preconceived idea that law school creates cynicism and turns you into a more pessimistic version of yourself. Not at Loyola. While, law school does teach you to question notions and divulge in different theories, the professors and students alike maintain positive spirits about the law and all it has to offer. Law School is tedious, and it can be very tiresome, but Loyola makes it a little easier. With a strong faculty support system and a student body filled with determined, but genuine individuals, I want to emphasize just how lucky I got with Loyola. From a shot in the dark application to becoming my second home, Loyola has exceeded all my expectations.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Alumni Amor

Valentine’s Day has passed, so it’s only appropriate to talk about what I love about Loyola! The only problem is there are honestly so many things, some of which I have already discussed in prior posts. The professors, the classes, the academic support, and my classmates all make Loyola feel like a second home. However, one area that I haven’t talked much about is Loyola’s extensive alumni network.

Although applications for summer externships and associate positions started to go out at the end of the Fall semester, the search for summer employment really ramps up beginning in the Spring semester. Accordingly, Spring semester has so far been filled with events to learn more about employment in different areas of law. Many of these events feature or are organized by Loyola alumni. So far, I have attended a handful of events including a talk with Larry Midler, Executive Vice President and General Counsel for CBRE (a top real estate services and investment firm), and a focus group with a hiring manager at Allen Matkins (a top tier California real estate firm). Not only are these events informative but they are great opportunities to experience just how extensive the Loyola alumni network really is. If you plan to practice in California, especially Southern California, Loyola alumni are literally everywhere.

Other opportunities to get to know alums are less formal but can be a lot of fun! One example is the PILF auction, a can’t-miss event in the fall to raise money for students who earn pro bono summer positions in public interest. Many of the items and experiences up for auction are provided by the alumni. This year, Claudia and I won a dinner for 6 at the Magic Castle. The evening, which we planned to celebrate my mom’s birthday, was organized and hosted by Loyola alum, Ray Karch. Mr. Karch guided us on a special tour of the entire Castle, arranged dinner in a private dining room, and even performed a private close-up show for us! He could not have been a better host and my entire family had a fantastic evening. You never know what sorts of connections you will make at Loyola.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

What I Love About Loyola


I always talk about how much I love being at Loyola because, you know, I am a romantic. So with today’s topic I feel that I am at home. I think I can say that for the past months Loyola has been my Valentine because I spend way more time at the campus than at home (and even when I am at home, I am thinking or doing things related to Loyola, so yes, basically it’s a relationship!)

I don’t even know where to start when I talk about the things that I appreciate most about my time here. I have to admit that I love the fact that Loyola Law School is a small campus because you get close to a lot of people, and not only the students, even the staff becomes your friend too! Everyone is so nice, even if they don’t know you and that is what makes Loyola Law School a big family. That is beautiful and so important!

Also, the professors are always concerned with the students and asking if we are following the class, if we are having problems understanding the subject, and I appreciate that a lot. Especially because I am an international student so usually I am afraid I am going to be behind in the class – but the professors are so supportive that this never happens!

To be honest: if you are looking for a place that is going to be more than just a law school, but instead one that is going to be your family, you should definitely come to Loyola Law School.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

So What's To Love About Loyola?

There are a lot of ways to answer that, but the simplest way to put it is, "A lot!" It might seem like "love" is too strong a word, right?

WRONG. I absolutely love Loyola and all of my classes. And, to be perfectly honest, I do love Loyola. Despite, or perhaps because of, the stress, the exams, the complex subject matter, and the long hours that I have to put in if I want to learn as much as I possibly can and perform to my full potential, I absolutely love Loyola.

(Just kidding about the “despite,” Loyola, you know I love you.) It’s because of the exams and because of the long hours that I love Loyola. I love the fact that the stress, when it does happen, is the kind of stress that comes from growing as a person and a professional. I love the fact that the exams come after a semester of support and feedback that points out where I am strong and where I need to work. I love the fact that the complex subject matter is made understandable by professors who obviously care about it. I love the fact that those long hours are hours well spent. I love that fact that I know that Loyola will prepare me to be the best lawyer that I can be.

I love Loyola because I am being challenged like never before and, every step of the way, I am being given the support, both from students and from faculty, that I need to succeed.

Monday, April 15, 2019

What I Love About Loyola

What I love about Loyola Law School is that we’re a community that’s passionate about the things we care about and as a result we’re always moving, learning, doing something to make a change, and looking to make a difference.

Students and teachers are teaching and learning alike. The law is always changing and developing, and every day there’s something in the media or in current events that affects or is affected by the law. Our faculty takes that information, learns from it, and in turn teaches it to us, the student body, and to the greater community in lectures, panel events, and presentations. They make sure that we, the students and the community, understand what’s going on in the world, how we relate to it, what our impact could be, and are thus equipped with the tools and knowledge to tackle the issues

Our faculty is also aware of their social impact and their ability to make a difference in the community. For example, our faculty has held panels to inform the student and general community about hot topic issues in the current sociopolitical sphere like immigration and policing, hosted workshops to help people complete their citizenship applications, and mobilized the student body to help others with voter registration for elections and get people to the polls. Our faculty is passionate about what they do, and that’s part of what makes going to school at Loyola so refreshing, interesting, and enjoyable.

Our student body is also a force to be reckoned with. Like the faculty, we are passionate about the education we are receiving, the change we are seeking to make, projects we are taking on, and the dreams we are pursuing. To say we are simply “involved” would be an understatement. Loyola has a great experiential learning program consisting of many clinics and practicums that allows students to explore their interests in different areas of the law while simultaneously contributing positive energy and effort into the community. On an extracurricular level, we also have many clubs that have a social outreach focus (i.e. mentoring kids in the local community or hosting fundraisers to raise awareness for their respective causes) and an emphasis on getting students out in the field and getting experience. Through externships, internships, and employment, our student body also has a presence in every area of the law and in the public and private sectors. On an academic level, we are passionate not only about doing well individually but also making sure our peers our doing well because when our whole community succeeds and thrives as a whole, we succeed and thrive individually.

What I love about Loyola is that we take that passion to better ourselves and our community. We are always learning from the past and looking to the future to make a change.