Fostering Success: The Culture of Mentorship at Loyola Law School

Committed to leaving her mark on Loyola's campus, California, and internationally

I have been lucky enough to form close relationships with several professors on Loyola’s campus. Almost every professor I’ve had in law school has been willing to meet with me for office hours and any questions I may have about course material, careers, and anything! Even in office hours, professors are quick to check in with students’ mental health, how law school is generally going, and how their class specifically is going. It is really wonderful to have open lines of communications to professors in such a way.

Professors in small seminar classes as well as clinic professors are extremely open to mentor you if you ask. Some of the best advice I’ve received in law school has been from my clinic professor, Professor Shah. She has been extremely open to giving me advice, listening to any issues I’ve had in classes, and assisting me in improving my writing and research skills.

I truly believe that all the faculty on Loyola’s campus are extremely interested in putting genuinely good attorneys into the legal workforce. Further, they all truly want to help their students in office hours, in meetings as requested, and anything else their students might need.

To be honest, the mentorship my professors have provided me makes me excited to be a future mentor to students myself!

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