Law is a powerful tool for societal change and personal growth

When I came to Law School, I had a really clear picture of what I wanted to do: become a trial attorney in the United States. A step towards that goal was, obviously, passing the bar. I was still in doubt about whether I would go Civil or Criminal. Criminal law seemed like a daunting undertaking at that time. Based on my background, I chose Civil Litigation and Advocacy. This would allow me to grasp the litigation landscape in the US, aligning with my career goals.

Regarding the lectures, I faced time constraints because my program – LLM for Foreign Trained Attorneys – is shorter than a JD Program. Additionally, I had not gone through the traditional Law School timeline. I had a lot to cover, so I considered mostly two things:

(1) I knew that I would have to go through the Bar Prep course regardless, so, for the Bar Courses, I would focus only on those I needed to cover for my degree.

(2) I wanted practical experience that would prepare me for my career.

When choosing a class, I looked at its description. If I had more than one option, I would look at the Professor’s CV, career, etc. Lastly, I would talk to colleagues and ask which classes they took, which professors they liked, and why. It was all about looking to the skills I would obtain from which class and who I could learn the best from.

Last, but not least, I considered which classes I would enjoy the most. Law School is hard work. Adding fun and enthusiasm to it makes it very enjoyable. I’ve loved all the classes I’ve taken so far and some of my professors continue to inspire me, long after the classes are over.

Each semester brings a new set of challenges and a sense of adventure and excitement because of the classes and professors I’ll meet throughout the weeks.

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