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In my last post I told you all that faculty is what made LLS unique, and I’m happy to say that I get to expand on that this week! In my last three years here I have met, been encouraged, and supported by professors and faculty members whose areas of study are all different. It is a privilege to be taught by professors who come from different walks of life and who get to share the stories that have shaped their ideas on the law.

Last semester I took Law of War with Professor Glazier. Everyone I talked to about this course was pleasantly surprised that it was something offered at LLS. Professor Glazier is clearly passionate about international law as it pertains to war, and his prior military background enriched his explanation of the topic. Taking his class was a breath of fresh air in comparison to all the other courses at LLS because it focused on an area of the law that people sometimes forget about. Talking with Professor Glazier was always easy, and he encouraged me to apply for the position I now as an extern for the Air Force JAG Corps.

In the Spring of 2023, I was able to work on the Tiersma Project in the Rains Library on campus. Working on this project I got to meet many incredible librarians. It was a privilege working along-side women who I aspired to emulate in their careers. Librarianship has always intrigued me, and the Tiersma project provided me some insight into what working in a library would be like. My supervisor, Professor Cadra, was an incredible resource and the kindest person I know on campus. She was always understanding and helped me navigate the project with ease. Working with her made me feel like my work was appreciated and valued.

To say that faculty members are accessible at LLS is an understatement. Professors at Loyola are ready and willing to help students succeed in any way they can. It has certainly been my experience that professors want their students to succeed and evolve. I appreciate that all my professors have been more than willing to help not only with issues pertaining to my education but even extending far beyond that to ensure that I succeed in law school.

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