I Love Loyola

Law is a powerful tool for societal change and personal growth

Loyola is a little piece of paradise. My favorite thing about it is the physical space. The campus is beautiful, blending old-school charm with modernity. It is also abundant in nature: flowers that perfume the air, trees that change with the season and beautify the scenery. There’s a water fountain where you can sit to relax, study or chat. Entering from the busyness of LA, it just feels like walking into a little oasis.

My favorite times are the weekends when I come to campus to study.  I enjoy the library’s peace and quiet, which offers comfortable spaces. During breaks, I can step outside to soak up some sun or—my favorite—play table tennis while listening to music.

Of all the places on campus, the library is by far my most loved. They even provide a sewing kit for emergencies: I once had to sew a button before my final presentation for Trial Advocacy. We could also check out remotes to play games on the Student Lounge TV. Speaking of the student lounge, it’s a great spot to store food, have study groups, play chess, or shoot pool.

At the library, I encountered the tangible support I needed. However, it was truly the school staff that made me feel at home. The level of care you’ll experience at Loyola is genuinely unique. From the security staff, to the professors, to the library and administrative staff, everyone goes above and beyond to make things easier for you. I’ve never experienced anything like it!

There are so many wonderful things to see and do at Loyola, but, by far, its biggest secret are all those who make it what it is: the people.

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