What I Love about Being at Loyola

Law school has been an amazing journey!

When I was applying to law school, Loyola was my first choice. I am happy to say that the choice I made was one of the best decisions I ever made. I knew I wanted to pursue a law degree ever since I was a little girl. Loyola has made that dream possible.

There are so many things to love about Loyola that they would not fit in this post, but I will list my top 3.

First, the student body is incredibly collaborative. I know everyone says that law school is competitive and cut-throat, but at Loyola students really care about each other. This is not just true about students, but the faculty and staff really care about student success.

Second, law school gives students the opportunity to engage in clinics. Clinics provide hands-on experience to students where they are able to engage with real clients facing various legal issues. There are many to choose from at Loyola, from the Loyola Center for Conflict Resolution to the Project for the Innocent, you are sure to find something that interests you!

Third, once you have taken all the required bar courses, there are many electives that Loyola offers where students can explore different practice areas.

Overall, Loyola is a great place to be! From the year-round sunny skies of Southern California to the intellectually stimulating course work and life-long friendships that Loyola creates, it’s hard not to accept an offer from the school.

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