Forging Connections with Faculty at Loyola

Law school has been an amazing journey!

I am a first generation law student, and I was really nervous to begin law school as a 1L.

This is where building connections with faculty at LLS really helped. I came to law school feeling really lost, but a lot of my professors were there to guide me along the way.

One of the things that makes LLS different from other law schools is the accessibility of faculty. Professors have scheduled office hours. Can’t make it? Don’t sweat it. Many professors provide their numbers/emails so that students can schedule appointments to meet with them or send a text for a quick question. (I am always surprised how quickly I receive a reply!)

I think the best place to get to know faculty is to join one of the on-campus clinics! The clinics are where students can gain hands on experience while working closely with LLS faculty. I participated in the Loyola Center for Conflict Resolution during my 2L year and the amount of feedback that I was able to get from faculty was amazing, truly a great experience.

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