One of a Kind Faculty

Keren Oroudjian is an LLS student blogger.

I have mentioned this in past blog posts before but what I truly love about Loyola is the faculty.  The professors at Loyola leave a positive impact on every single class I am a part of.  One of my biggest fears about coming to law school was having to come across professors that were intimidating and unhelpful to students. You always hear horror stories about law professors putting students on the spot and making them uncomfortable. However, I truly never felt this at Loyola.  Loyola’s professors are kind and approachable and every single one I have had has helped me tremendously.  You can really tell that they care about not only the academic successes of their students but also their wellbeing.  I got COVID in the beginning of Spring semester and all my professors reached out to me to make sure that I was doing okay.  I was so grateful for them during this time.  I think the faculty at Loyola really makes the student experience unlike any other law school.  I don’t think Loyola would feel like “home” if it weren’t for the incredible faculty.

I have been reflecting on this for a few weeks now and talking to my friends about our Loyola experience. While we all had different experiences regarding law school, we all can agree on one thing, if it weren’t for the incredible faculty, Loyola would not be the same.  I really feel that the faculty has made me love Loyola more than I originally thought I would.

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