Faculty Relationships

Keren Oroudjian is an LLS student blogger.

I walked into law school thinking that law school professors were going to be the toughest, least understanding educators I would ever have. I quickly learned that they were actually the opposite. Loyola Law School is the fourth academic institution I have attended, and I have never had more caring educators. Law school professors work to get the best out of you. They will call on you and they will push you. This can be daunting and can be a setback in trying to build relationships. Despite all of this, all of my professors have been extremely caring. My Contracts professor responded to an email I sent him about not feeling well enough to attend class in under 5 minutes. I was shocked to say the least. As I write this post, I am reflecting on all of my experiences will faculty. Each and every professor has been nothing but kind, encouraging, and helpful. After final grades were inputted, all of my professors made time to meet with students to ensure that we all have the necessary resources to improve. My Civil Procedure professor is still making time to meet with students on a weekly basis even though we are about to be in the fifth week of the semester. All of this to say, do not be afraid of law school professors! They are extremely caring and want you to succeed. They were law students, too. If anyone knows how you feel, it is your professor. I can honestly say Loyola Law School’s greatest strength is the incredible professors that we have.

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