Fall Semester Recap

Evah Wanjiru is an LLS student blogger.

Day 82 – Fall Semester Update!

Whoa, almost three months into the semester! This has been a short, fun and very intense semester. Is it natural to be so overwhelmed at this stage of the semester? I am shamefully six classes behind in my Business Association class and I cannot seem to keep up with the racing clock to the exams. I can assure you I am not the only one lagging behind.  It is a rough ride, but I have zero doubt in my mind that I will be adequately prepared for the exams in a month’s time.

I can finally say this with some confidence; law school is not nearly as dreadful as depicted. Based on my actual personal experience, I am genuinely stunned by everything here. I love it. For starters, let me just appreciate the location of LMU Loyola Law School. The ambience alone has the potential to push you to dig into the deepest reservoirs of knowledge. It is very quiet, serene and very scenic with a fantastic view of downtown.  All the resources on campus have the ability to promote a very holistic development and proficiency in the legal profession. Don’t you just love the William M. Rains Library? Very many brilliant lawyers in the making here!

I have also discovered that law school is all about strategy. The one thing that has worked for me is office hours! Any time I cannot wrap my head around a certain concept, I always make sure I attend those extra hours with the professors. I am often stunned into silence by their eloquence and ability to break down complex concepts into comprehensible bits. My only law school wish was that there was some magic pill that could help me remember all the cases, rules and arguments. Lol!

Law school is not necessarily a total damnation. I hold the utmost respect for all those brilliant minds that walked this path before us and are now making real change in the world. It is no small feat but it is very fulfilling and rewarding.

I wish you the very best as you prepare for your finals!



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