Building Relationships with Faculty

Anuraag Sanga is an LLS student blogger.

Building relationships with faculty can certainly be intimidating at first. Our faculty is comprised of highly accomplished legal professionals, and I initially felt anxious about asking them dumb questions or appearing unprepared. It took while to shake off, but the important thing is just going for it and engaging with faculty members.

Once you do so, much of the intimidation will go away and you will realize that your professors are there because they are passionate about teaching you, and in my experience, they will not make you feel bad about asking questions, no matter how simple. I have yet to engage one on one with any of my professors, but all my professors have been more than available via office hours or email and truly wish to be the best resource they can be to help you succeed in law school. The faculty is extremely accessible and will always give you detailed and realistic feedback for any questions you may have about your coursework or career. I appreciate most the enthusiasm that emanates from our faculty members. All my professors and advisors are lively, engaged and bring so much passion for the law to campus every day, and it clearly rubs off on the student body. Professor Levenson in particular who was always dancing on top of a desk or hyping us up like a football coach at 8 am sharp is a great example of how much our faculty cares. I am thankful for the relationships I have built so far and look forward to more personal connections with faculty members moving forward.

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