The Importance of Study Groups

Law school has been an amazing journey!

No matter your area of expertise or background, law school is a challenge. Study groups really do help with the challenges that come with law school. For me, working with different classmates throughout the year has been really beneficial. It has definitely helped with what felt impossible to understand in a classroom. 

During exam season, I usually go through practice problems and share outlines with my study groups. I think the best part about study groups is that they can provide moments of self-reflection. You may catch yourself unable to explain a concept to your friend and realize that a topic you thought you knew, you may actually have to go back and review. 

Although I do like study groups, I think it’s equally important to be able to sit down alone and study. During exam season, I love creating a good play list to listen to as I memorize and practice problem sets. 

I think we’re really lucky at LLS. The student body is unbelievably collegial, collaborative, and supportive. Both in and out of the classroom. I think that’s the reason why study groups work so well at the school. Missed yesterday’s lecture because you were out sick? You can always count on the person next to you to share notes. That’s just the type of students that make up LLS.

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