I Love Loyola

Helping other international students find their place at Loyola Law School

Thinking about the things I “love” about Loyola; five things come to mind.

I love the campus; coming from my east coast undergraduate institution, which was sprawled along a city block, I enjoy being able to sit in the grass, watch my friends play with some of the soccer or footballs that you can borrow, and read under the sun outside Founder’s Hall or the Advocacy Center. All of the green contrasted against the bright colors of the buildings is a sight for sore eyes after exiting the parking structure.

I love the library; the sprawling bookshelves and the way that the light comes through the windows. During 1L especially, when I found that I would be campus for hours upon end, coming to the library was a refuge from the chaos and stress of the day.

I love how highly the faculty speak of their time at Loyola, and hearing the fondness that which they discuss the students they have met and taught. It is illustrative of the community cultivated at LLS.

I love the student organizations, how they offer small pockets of students with common interests, backgrounds, and passions inside and outside of the law that allow for us to connect and bond. Some of the people that I met during 1L through APALSA and ELS remain some of my closest friends at school.

And finally, I love the alumni network. Saying that I am a 3L at Loyola immediately connects me with so many others who speak highly of their time at the law school. Not only does this allow for me to grow personally in the relationships that I forge in this new field, but also professionally in the connections that may lead to future job opportunities and more as I start my career in LA.

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