Meet the Correspondent: Lesly Silva

Lesly Silva is an LLS student blogger.

I am so excited to be returning to the Jury of Peers! A lot has changed since I last wrote here. I am in my final year as a law student, and in the next year I expect even more changes as I prepare to graduate in the spring!

As a student who’s entire 1L year was online due to COVID-19, this fall was my first official semester where I had a more traditional, “in-person” experience. It has been really amazing being able to connect with my peers daily and engage in class discussion face to face. My favorite part has definitely been the increase of in-person events! It seems like at least a few times a week some organization is hosting a panel, a lunch, a film screening, or some informative event so students who are interested in certain fields of law can learn and network. As the Vice President of the Child and Family Law Society on campus, my organization and I have had a lot of fun putting together informational and panel discussions on family law.

I would say that I am different this year because I have new priorities and things to look forward to in law school. In my final year, I get to shift my focus to post-graduate endeavors, like looking for post-bar employment and preparing for the bar exam. Now, instead of spending a lot of my free time going to look at on-campus opportunities, I am expanding outward. But I still have a few things to check off my bucket list, in and outside of law school. For example, I am looking forward to booking a trip this summer to celebrate taking the bar exam! I also want to continue my commitment to mentoring first-generation students on campus. I am excited for my final year and excited to continue with the Jury of Peers!

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