Building Relationships with Faculty

Lesly Silva is an LLS student blogger.

The unique thing about law school compared to undergraduate is that you have the ability to communicate more freely with the deans on campus.

Due to the smaller class sizes, the deans are more accessible to students. In fact, I have been able to meet several of the deans on our campus and even take classes taught by two different deans. For example, my second year I was enrolled in the Civil Litigation Practicum, which was taught by Professor Grace Parrish. Now, Program Director Parrish oversees the entire externship placement program on our campus. Not only did I learn valuable and practical litigation skills from the yearlong course, but I have also returned as one of the externs that she oversees. This includes law students who are in judicial placements, public interest placements, and private placements. Last semester, I took a class with Dean Kathleen Kim, the Associate Dean of Equity and Inclusion. Our class focused on the 13th Amendment and its relation to human trafficking legislation. In a small, discussion-based setting, we learned about the history of the 13th Amendment, and how it affects all parts of society, from labor laws, reproductive rights, and prisons. Dean Kim led an insightful class and many of the students were excited to learn about the material.

It has been an honor to study with two of these esteemed faculty on campus, and I am excited that these opportunities are available at Loyola.

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