1L Elective

Kelsey Gitlin is an LLS student blogger.

Law school can feel like a bubble and within that bubble there is comparison and hardship.  I went through the latter in my first semester. Law school is a huge learning curve for everyone and in all honesty, my first semester grades were disappointing because I knew that they did not represent how well I know I can do.  I ended up in Privacy Torts and I was truly mortified. I thought this would alienate me from the rest of my peers.  But when I showed up on the first day of class, I saw so many familiar faces that it felt like any other class I have taken at Loyola.  I actually LOVE my elective course. I am very interested in going into entertainment law and privacy fits into this world so well.  Learning about privacy rights, exposure, and diving into the world of public figures has kept me on my toes and leaves me more and more interested in entertainment and media law.

All of this to say that Loyola offers a wide variety of electives.  Everyone ends up in something different and it is really nice to be able to explore a topic outside of the fundamental legal courses.  Some of my friends are taking immigration law or international law and everyone seems to enjoy their courses.  I think being able to take an elective in your first year helps you view your career in the long run which I am truly grateful for.

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