How I Spent My Summer

Looking forward to sharing my experiences and insights about Loyola Law School and law school in general

When this past summer started, I was so excited for it. Compared to last summer, California was finally reopening, and I was able to meet with family and friends who I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. Life for all of us was returning to as normal as it could be once again.

I had a couple firsts for me this past summer. Being a tech and video game enthusiast, I built my first PC. I had spent months doing research, scouring the internet for the best information and parts I could get. After spending a whole day assembling all the pieces, I felt so rewarded seeing the computer’s vibrant lights turn on. To anyone who is looking into building their own PC, I highly recommend it! It may seem scary and a lot of work at first but having the freedom to customize your computer specifically to your needs and wants is totally worth it.

I also went to my first baseball game! I didn’t watch a lot of baseball growing up, but being from L.A., I always felt compelled to stay caught up with the Dodgers. I never had an opportunity to attend a game, but my girlfriend surprised me with tickets. We went to a Dodgers vs. Angels game, famously known as “The Freeway Series.” It was such a fun and sensational experience being in a stadium full of fans cheering alongside one another.

The pandemic is still not over, but it’s nice to be able to look forward to doing things that we couldn’t do for the past year. I’ve been looking forward to starting law school and I am so happy that it can be in person.