How I Spent My Summer

Evah Wanjiru is an LLS student blogger.

There is this invisible line that cuts the world in two and falls at 0o latitude. The Geographers named it the Equator. This is where the world is at its widest and only thirteen countries in the world can boast of possessing this amazing rare feature. This means that these thirteen countries do not get to experience the four seasons like the rest of the world. We only have the rainy season and the dry season. I have never experienced spring, summer, autumn and winter. Yes, yes I know that look on your face. It is the same exact look I get when I tell someone that I have never celebrated Halloween or Thanksgiving before. I had actually never heard of Daylight savings until Professor Selan explained it to me during one of my spring semester classes. A brief background: I come from a small village in Kenya that is suspended on the equator. I have never had the luxury of experiencing the stretching of darkness for more than twelve hours in a day. I started my LL.M online in spring 2021 due to Covid restrictions and consequent travel ban. I spent what would be considered my summer dusting my tweed jackets and polishing my boots in readiness for fall. A month ago, you should have seen me arrive at LAX with two suitcases full of jackets and other winter paraphernalia only to be welcomed by a heat wave and the bluest skies I have ever seen. I was deeply misguided. I was told to prepare for listless dark nights and rainfall all through September to February 2022. But L.A has been nothing short of sweet and shiny and shimmery! Should I hold my horses? Spoke too soon? Yo! Give this girl some Fall tips