I Love Loyola

Anuraag Sanga is an LLS student blogger.

Law school is a major source of stress in my life, however, there are certain aspects of it that I absolutely love.

First and foremost, I love the sense of community and friendships it has given me at this stage of my life. Loyola has been everything I hoped it to be in terms of a supportive and collegial environment. I have made lots of like-minded friends and look forward to spending time with them at school, and in my free time. As a recent college graduate, one of my biggest concerns about leaving undergrad was losing the sense of community I had established. Entering adulthood seemed like I would have less free time, and less opportunities to hang out with people. I consider myself to be a very social person, and I hoped law school would provide me with a similar community, despite it being a more professional setting than undergrad with people at different points in their life. Fortunately, everyone has been great, and I can tell I’ve already established many long-term friendships.

Aside from the amazing connections I’ve made, I also love my classes. Each class in some way pertains to something I am deeply passionate about and getting to experience that every day has been a fantastic experience so far. Law school has provided me the focused learning experience that I hoped for, and I am looking forward to continuing with increasingly specialized classes in years two and three. What strikes me as unique about Loyola is how much the students are encouraged to discover and pursue the endeavors they are passionate about. Superficial priorities such as chasing prestige or certain salaries are not emphasized (although the opportunities are certainly there for those interested.) I believe this has produced a very happy and comfortable learning environment and I feel very fortunate to be a part of it.

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