1L Elective

Anuraag Sanga is an LLS student blogger.

Choosing an elective was very exciting because it presented an opportunity to choose a class outside my fixed 1L schedule. The options were all really amazing and touched on a lot of the topics law students are interested in such as criminal law, international law, innovation law, tax law, and administrative law. I have a very strong interest in foreign policy and government affairs, so I selected international law and administrative law as my top two choices.

During the selection process, I spoke to my 2L friends who gave me great advice on professors they liked and how the classes were organized. Who would be teaching the class ultimately played a big role in the courses I selected, and I was very fortunate to have so many experts in the legal field to choose from. International law has been a fantastic experience for me so far and has quickly become one of my favorite classes. Professor Glazier said the class would be “ripped from the headlines,” and the class has been an incredible resource for learning about the important issues our world is facing today. Today in particular, professor Glazier pivoted from our usual course schedule to a special class on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It was a very engaging class and provided a fascinating look into the international legality behind the events that have transpired in recent days.

My advice to any future 1Ls would be to do some research on the professors teaching the elective courses to decide if their style would be a good fit for you and to choose a class based on your interests. They are definitely some of the more “fun” first year classes, and are sure to be a great experience no matter which path you go down.

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