Loving Loyola

Passionate about criminal justice and social justice to help others in the community

Hidden away in Downtown LA is a small campus packed with phenomenal professors and mentors. From the summer of my very first year to my current last semester I have encountered incredible mentors who have helped guide me in my career. The summer before law school I was provided with the opportunity to participate in a program called Summer Institute which was designed to help students become acquainted with law school prior to starting. At the time the program was spearheaded by Dean Gary Craig who has become one of my biggest supporters and greatest mentor. Throughout the last three years Dean Craig has helped me figure out how to move forward in my career and encouraged me to always try my best in law school even in moments when I felt like giving up. Without the help of Dean Craig, law school would have been 100 times more difficult to navigate.

As I mentioned the professors at Loyola are equally as incredible as the mentors you will gain. During my first year of law school I had the privilege of having who I consider to be the best property professor. Professor Motomura cares about her students and their education and it shows through her dedication in class! She makes a point to remember her students and makes everyone feel welcome. I knew that before ending my law school journey I wanted the opportunity to take one of her other classes.

There are many things to love about Loyola, but if I had to pick one reason it would be the faculty and staff at Loyola. Dean Craig and Professor Motomura are just two examples amongst the many incredible people who work at Loyola. Everyone here wants to see the students succeed and it creates the most welcoming and encouraging environment to grow as student. Coming into Loyola I had no idea of the amount of support I would receive but it has been the thing I have cherished the most during my time here.