Exam Season and Winter Break

Law school has been an amazing journey!

Law school exams are hard, and they were just as hard this time around—as expected lol. I’ve come to realize just how important study groups can be during exam season. It’s always nice to have a couple of classmates to be able to bounce ideas off of and work on practice problems together.   

After exams were over, I spent my winter break visiting Northern California and catching up with friends/family. Breaks are great opportunities to slow down and unwind for a bit.   

Most notably, I was able to visit Hearst Castle, located about four hours North of Los Angeles. I love paintings, and the castle (once a home to the Hearst Family) is full of works from Egypt, Greece, and Rome. A great place to visit!   

As a 3L, with the Bar Exam right around the corner, I also took the opportunity to do some light (emphasis on light) review of outlines, flashcards, etc.   

I am still in disbelief that law school is almost over, one more semester to go!