LLS: Serving Humanity with Humility

Prince Samuel Amadi is an LLS student blogger.


It has been three months in LMU Loyola Law School. As someone who has previous experience of law school, I wasn’t particularly anticipating any surprises. Sure, law school comes with challenges, as you are expected to read large volumes of books, report cases, and summarize articles.  With very limited time and much to study, law school creates a triangular life of home, classes and the library for me, and I believe, for most law school students. However, students are able to take on both recreation and activities according to their fancies. Students can choose from associations such as International Students Association, Italian Students Association, the Jewish Students Community, and so on. Also, LLS has clinics for community service and development. These include: the Loyola Attorneys for Others, Loyola Immigrant Justice Clinic and so on. It is these latter avenues that captured my attention. 
An area that I find fulfilment is the Loyola Attorneys for Others in collaboration with the St. Francis Center.  Here, I have been able to feed the homeless and the poor in Downtown LA. It has provided me with the opportunity to offer a helping hand without reward. Being a volunteer in the Attorneys for Others gave me a new sense of consciousness, one of gratitude and humility. Gratitude to LLS for creating such an avenue that encourages community service. And one of humility, realizing how privileged I am to serve people in need; recognizing that the difference between the needy and I is mere “privilege” which I am fortunate to have. Understanding that giving back to the community by extending a hand of service is the best way of appreciating the privilege I now have.  Surely, LLS is a place where anyone with the heart of service should come!
These are the experiences that resonate daily with me as I walk through the fall semester and I am grateful that I came to LLS not only to advance my knowledge of law, but also, to deepen my commitment to serving humanity with humility! 
Prince Samuel Amadi,
LL.M Candidate, LMU Loyola Law School, 
Los Angeles, CA, US