Prince Samuel Amadi is an LLS student blogger.

Prior to coming to LMU Loyola Law School, I practiced law in Nigeria with a specific interest in human rights and criminal law for almost six years. In those years of practice, I represented victims of human rights violations and defendants in criminal trials. In addition to law practice, I was a research assistant at the University of Ibadan Centre for Petroleum, Energy Economics and Law, coupling academics with practice. This combination gave me the insight that is required for law practice, which I have chosen- the pursuit of equity and justice. A desire which began many years ago!

When I was a little boy growing up in my hometown of Egbeda in Rivers State of Nigeria, I always wanted to study law, but could never answer the question of why. Of course, I was not expected to explain why at this tender age, living in a little village, it was beyond the “standard” for a boy of my age to think of studying law; let alone understand the reason behind such a serious decision. Surprisingly, my desire never wavered, instead, it only became more real. My vision of what I wanted to achieve with the law became clearer and clearer as the years would later reveal.

It was later in 2008 after completing my secondary education and eventually enrolling in a diploma program with a concentration in law that I realized, I needed to study law to advance social justice. This program introduced me to basic law and legal theories, but also sparked my interest in constitutional law, which completely caught my attention. As I studied constitutional law and reviewed the human rights issues embedded in this area of law, I knew that studying law for the pursuit of equity and justice was for me, especially after having observed human rights abuses within my environment.

At the completion of my diploma in 2010, I proceeded to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria for a law degree. This degree paved the way for my admission into the Nigerian Law School, a mandatory practical training program for admission to the Nigerian Bar Association. After my admission to the Nigerian Bar, I again went for a postgraduate degree program at the University of Ibadan, to obtain a master’s degree with a specialization in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. My goal is to be more equipped for the evolving concept of human rights globally. After discovering the weaknesses in the Nigerian criminal justice system, specifically around cybersecurity and data privacy, I decided to pursue a specialized degree in this field. Since LMU Loyola Law School has a strong cybersecurity and data privacy concentration, I decided to enroll at the law school and specialize in this.

After I complete this program, I intend to pursue a further degree in cybersecurity and data privacy to harness all the needed knowledge and expertise required to pursue a career in this field. My goal is to collaborate with government, agencies, institutions, and corporations in the hopes of achieving a safe cyberspace, both for the industry and its consumers.