How I Spent My Summer: Travel, Teaching, and Family

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During the summer of 2023, I went back home to visit my family. I have been living in Los Angeles for the past two years and thus the summers have gained a special meaning. This is the time when I reunite and enjoy my family.

This summer was especially significant to me as it was the first summer that I got to spend time with my father after his surgery. He is in the course of cancer treatment. Needless to say, these months have been emotionally difficult. As an international student attempting to migrate to the United States, my – seemingly – selfish journey has been topped with guilt for being away during such a challenging time.

For this, I spent my summer with my dearest ones. Indeed, the time I’ve spent away has made my heart grow fonder. The sweetest moments felt even more precious with the looming thought that my time with my dad might be limited. Even though I’ve always known that, his disease made it more real.

I am now back to school and devoting myself to my academic endeavors once again. However, a piece of my heart remains with my family. The same heart that is comforted by the hope of spending my next summer with my family, once again.