Happy New Semester

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Happy New Semester!

After a month-long break from school, coming back to campus is so invigorating! Especially, when coming back to a schedule filled with subjects I’m very excited to learn about – something you can easily do at Loyola!

My Fall 2023 semester was very demanding, pushing me more than any other. I tend to focus on practical and lecture classes, making both the exam season and the preceding period, filled with papers and presentations, quite nerve-wracking. I had a tough Criminal Law exam, but overall, I am very happy with my grades and how much I have improved after my last semester.

During my winter break, I travelled back to Brazil to spend a month with my family. It was amazing and I had so much fun! We had a family trip to the northeast of Brazil, where you can find beautiful beaches. This was the best beach I’ve been to: warm and not-so salty waters.  I highly recommend it!



This is a picture of a very famous tourist place in Downtown of Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco and our hotel at Cupe Beach.

The quality time I shared with my family was such a gift. This was the first real break I gave myself after starting Law School. I took time off from all activities – a TRUE vacation. I steered clear of law-related activities, focusing only on planning my calendar and organizing my weekly study schedule.

Having down time and a mental break from all demands of Law School/Bar Prep made a lot of difference. This true vacation, a blend of relaxation and family time, has not only recharged me but also given me a renewed zeal to embrace the challenges of law school. I feel ready to conquer this new semester!