Tips & Tricks

Interview Season Is Here – 3 Things You Need to Know

Nicole Romero is an LLS student blogger.

  1. Apply to all the opening positions you are interested in. Yes, you read right ALL OF THEM. Even if you think that you do not meet all of the employer’s “requirements.” Even if the position says top 10% (and you are not), apply. Those requirements are not set in stone. More often than not, employers are flexible if they meet a strong candidate that does not necessarily check all of “the boxes.”
  2. Your GPA or rank is not the most important thing when applying.Most employers will tell you that experience is more valuable than a high GPA. In the end, it is more valuable for an employer that you know how to do a discovery motion than having a 3.80 or being in the top 10%.
  3. Confidence is Key!If you do not believe in yourself, why would a stranger believe in you. Replace words like “I think to I know.” Be confident and portray yourself as the strong candidate you are!
  4. Don’t forget: