My Winter Break

Hopeful sports lawyer turning the academic study of law and history into practice

Taking an informal poll of my peers, I found that the first year class has mixed feelings about the length of winter break. While many said “it wasn’t nearly long enough,” others shared they were ready to come back and start the “law school routine” again. I think I fall somewhere in the middle.


In the days after the final winter exam, I slept, and slept hard. Then, I cleaned. It felt glorious. I felt a little bit of the holiday rush, having completed no shopping before exams ended, but overall, I shared my exhaustion with my family and they understood. In the final two weeks of break, I started writing an article for the Sports Law Association about the NFL’s Arbitration Clause and immersed myself in the hunt for a summer internship. Let me take a moment to applaud the Career Development team at Loyola Law School- they are incredible. As an older student out of practice with resumes and interviews, my counselor answered every email I sent promptly and with excellent guidance. For most of us first year students, this time is exciting, anxiety-inducing, and uncertain. It is exciting to consider the range of possibilities of applying our knowledge to real-life legal situations, and of course, we are anxious without knowing for certain where and with whom we will work.


If I had one recommendation for first year students over break, it would be to rest your mind. It felt great to perform contemplative practices like cleaning and exercising. I am also glad I took time to consider what kind of internship I want to try this summer and recognized I will have multiple opportunities to apply what I learn.