Who’s Jae?

Jaelin Kinney is an LLS student blogger.

Congrats, bros, you found my bio!

My name is Jaelin. Or Jae, Jae Kinney, JK. Or even J. Money (if you want to call me that, sure).


Obviously, I go by a lot of nicknames, but you can just call me Jae!

I am one of the bloggers here for the LLS Jury of Peers. And that also means I am a 1L student here at Loyola.

Buuuut, just before that, about six months ago, I was a college student at Claremont McKenna College (CMC), having just found out that I got accepted into Loyola Law School. So, yeah, I took the whole straight-through, no-brakes route to get here.

I knew very early in college (Freshman year) that I wanted to go to Loyola to, simply put, defend the defenseless and speak for the voiceless. And while I nearly lost my way several times throughout college, by listening to others instead of following my own heart, I still made it to where I needed to be. And hopefully, by reading my posts, you realize that you can too…

Only downside here? I still have no clue what area of law I want to practice. And right now, it’s between international law, public interest/non-profit legal work, and criminal defense/prosecution.

With that said, I want you to know two things about my posts. One, my posts are a journey for both you and me. I am just as anxious, just as clueless, and just as curious as you are. Sure, I may be in the driver’s seat, but I have no idea where the road is going to take me. And as I find things out about my own passions and interests, so too will you learn about them.

Two. I’m a huge NERD… Like, no, for real, a major NERD.

Words can’t describe how much of an absolute goon I am when it comes to my love for all things Marvel/DC, anime, video games, lifting weights (snuck that one in there), and Fallout: New Vegas. But Basically:

1) My wardrobe is 10% jeans, 10% hoodies, 20% pajamas/sweats, 5% formal wear (suits, ties, shirts), and 55% anime shirts. Here’s just three of my shirts for reference!

2) I just recently began a figurine collection. So far, so good…


3) I have logged in almost 2,500 hours into New Vegas, per my Steam account

4) My room walls are absolutely splattered with anime posters such as Naruto, One Punch Man, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and most recently Demon Slayer.

Like I said, I am a NERD. So, expect some anime references and superhero jokes.

But most importantly, it also means that every post I write will always have a little bit of me in it. And in reading my posts, you’ll find that I always stay true to myself. And sometimes, just sometimes, that may be more valuable than being a good law student…

See ya soon.