My Winter Break

Committed to leaving her mark on Loyola's campus, California, and internationally

I spend a lot of winter break resting and doing things that fell by the wayside during the semester—cleaning, reading books, spending time with my family, walking to favorite coffee shops, seeing friends, and just doing nothing.


My free time in law school is incredibly valuable to me. And my free time has become more important to me the busier law school gets. Law school reminds you how wonderful the simple things are. Spending a morning reading a book may sound boring to some, but—once you’ve studied for days on end for a five-hour final—it’s heaven.


Also, my family and friends are used to me going a bit silent in our group chats and on the phone during the semester, and especially during finals. During break, I can actually spend time with them—going to lunch with my grandparents, walking the dog with my sister, grabbing drinks and dinner with my friends, talking to my parents on the phone. This is rejuvenating and important time for me to remind myself that I’m a person—not just a student.


When talking to my friends, they do similar things that rejuvenate and refresh them. Everyone is different. To some people, my version of winter break might sound so boring and like a waste of my free time. To others, it may sound great! Everyone has to do what works for them in law school because we are all working very hard and deserve to spend time doing what brings us joy. That way, when the spring semester starts, we’re ready to dig back in and get back to work.