3L Schedules

Committed to leaving her mark on Loyola's campus, California, and internationally

Creating my schedule always feels a bit like a puzzle, and a bit like a guessing game. First, I consider my other obligations—work, clinic, organizations, personal life—so I can look at how much time and energy I will be spending outside of class. Second, I look at how much potential work the class will have—is it a paper class? Is it a Bar class? How much reading will there be? To do this, I talk to friends who have taken the course already. But the amount of work a class takes me, might be different than my friends.

Additionally, I have a concentration—International Criminal and Human Rights Law—so it guides my class choices a little more than some of my friends who do not have a concentration. Beyond the general requirements that all law students must complete before graduation, I have additional course requirements to complete to round out my education within the concentration.

I chose my concentration because I came to law school with a pretty good idea of what kind of law I wanted to practice, and this has not changed after two and a half years of law school. This way, I get to take classes that have to do with my chosen field.

While my concentration guides my schedule a little, it does not fill all of my credits. With my remaining classes, I take classes that cover popularly tested bar topics, classes that sound interesting, and classes that I will wish I had taken upon graduation. It is easy to fill my schedule and be busy with classes, extracurriculars, and things I love to do.