Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Networking and Career Development Services Opportunities

 Loyola Law School has definitely given me the opportunity to immerse myself into the law areas I am interested in. As a future family law attorney, I feel that the Judicial Placement Program was instrumental to securing my post-graduate employment. But even from 1L, I was given the opportunity to explore family law right at LLS. As a 1L, I attended an event where Laura Wasser, LLS alum and celebrity divorce attorney, spoke about the nature of her work. Since then, I have not only attended every single year she has come to speak, but even helped organize the event as part of the Child and Family Law Society here in LLS. Last year, we also had an event where another LLS alum and Certified Family Law Specialist came to speak about pre-nuptial agreements. I worked for that firm the summer after that event so it was a great opportunity to meet one of the partners I would be working with. Further, the Career Development Office has been really helpful. They have reviewed my resumes and given me great feedback in a timely manner. Also, they have many helpful events throughout the year to get you interested and to learn more about different areas of the law. I absolutely credit the connections I have made at Loyola Law School for helping me advance my career and have seen the same for many of my first-generation friends!