Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Networking and Career Development Services Opportunities

I feel that sometimes there are two narratives in law school circles when it comes to success in employment: one focused heavily on grades and another on networking. I do believe a happy middle exists between the two, and I have been fortunate enough to have attended and taken advantage of events that promote career development inside and outside of LLS.

I did OCI and Public Interest Career Day, the latter of which is how I ended up with my 1L summer job. I also found my current job at the ALDF through 12Twenty. I have attended a handful of law firm receptions and job fairs on campus. 

The proof is in the pudding of how strong the LLS Alumni network is when it comes to these events, it’s so easy to bond over mutual experiences with alumni who return to campus for such opportunities, and refreshing to glimpse what life might be like after law school.

A piece of advice that was given to me before 1L was to make sure you save every email address during these networking events. Sure enough, I’ve collected more business cards than I can count and have an ongoing bank of drafts of the check-in emails I owe to all the people I’ve been fortunate to have met through all of these events. I also take a keen sense of pride when I am able to connect a friend to someone that I met through all my networking to better help in their career.

I have begun building my own web of people in the legal community I can reach out to for job opportunities, general questions and advice, and know that a decent number of them began on the Esplanade at LLS during lunch hour.