Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Networking and Career Development Services Opportunities

Loyola has over 40 student organizations on campus so there will always be many events on campus for students to attend to learn more about a particular field of law and to network. One of my favorite events that I have attended on campus so far was the Entertainment Law Symposium hosted by Loyola’s Entertainment Law Review (ELR). This event was particularly interesting to me because I am passionate about entertainment law and intellectual property law. As a 2L, I am currently a staff editor on ELR and next fall, I will be a production editor. To join a law review at Loyola, students can participate in a write-on competition after 1L year to apply for a spot on one of Loyola’s three law reviews. 

Loyola’s Entertainment Law Review organizes an annual symposium consisting of panels that cover new developments in entertainment law. The symposium takes place on the law school campus and is open to practicing attorneys to obtain MCLE credit and is free for law students to attend. This year’s theme was: “The New Wave of Entertainment: A Look into the Future of Entertainment, Sports, and Technology.” The panelists included professors, practicing attorneys, and executives from entertainment companies. I had the opportunity to learn how changes in technology have shaped intellectual property and entertainment, for better or for worse. Each panelist has their own opinion, and it was insightful to be able to hear from a wide variety of different perspectives. After each panel, during lunch, and during a reception after the symposium, we had an opportunity to reach out and network with the present panelists. 

The panel topics for this symposium were: (1) Protecting What's Yours: Intellectual Property in the Digital Age; (2) The Studios: Navigating Work, Corporate Interests, and a Modernizing Hollywood; (3) Changing the Game: The Art of Sports Deals; (4) Music in the Metaverse.

Hopefully you’ll be able to make it to the next year’s Entertainment Law Review’s symposium!