Monday, April 10, 2023

I Love Loyola

 Interviewers have asked me what I “love” about law school, and I think it’s almost the same as what I “love” about Loyola. What I love about law school is the opportunity to get to know professors and staff beyond their title. They’re normal people and they have so much personality and wisdom to share. I have found that so many of the professors here really care about their students beyond the classroom. However, what I “love” the most about Loyola, specifically, is that it has brought people into my life who share the same values as me. It is also a small campus, which makes it easier for me to meet other students and build connections. Even beyond the campus, so many attorneys in Los Angeles graduated from Loyola and are always happy to connect with and support current students. Additionally, student organizations such as Women’s Law Association, Public Interest Law Foundation, Reproductive Justice LA, and the Latinx Law Students Association Loyola have given me a sense of community within this legal world that I would not have been able to forge myself. While I imagine law school can be scary, anywhere, Loyola feels collaborative, friendly, welcoming, and home-like. I will say, I had a difficult time feeling “at home” on campus last year. I usually ran home right after my last class for the day, but this didn’t really help me at all. If anything, it made me feel secluded. The more I participated on campus and interacted with students and faculty, the more integrated I felt at school. Fortunately, students and faculty that I leaned on for support and guidance were always more than willing to help. This has made all the difference for me, especially as a 2L now. Of all things there are to love about Loyola, this is what I love the most.