Monday, January 9, 2023

How I Spent My Summer

Summer is one of the best times of the year for law students to really dive into what their legal career might entail. It has always been one of my favorite parts of the law school experience because it’s an experience to get hands-on learning in general lawyering skills and certain fields of study. This summer, I had the amazing experience as a summer law clerk for Feinberg, Mindel Brandt and Klein LLP, one of the largest family law firms in California. Working there was a great continuation of my family law experience from past summers. As a summer law clerk, my favorite experience was working with the managing partner of the firm on a spousal support case where opposing party was hiding his business assets. It was an honor to sit alongside him during the proceedings as well as helping draft all the trial documents. It really solidified my interest in family law after graduation! We also had the opportunity as summer law clerks to attend networking events hosted by the Los Angeles County Bar Association and meet other professionals in the field. It’s experiences like this that help me come back to law school refreshed and ready to work hard. It was a great summer personally as well. I took the opportunity for some rest and relaxation and took a rejuvenating resort vacation in Mexico! I would definitely say that was also essential for me to return to campus refreshed. My final advice to incoming law students is to really take the summer periods with full force and an open mind because it is pivotal to forming your career and your interests.