Monday, December 19, 2022

How I Spent My Summer

This past summer, I worked at Jenesse Center, a domestic violence organization, where I managed three immigration cases for clients. My supervisor herself was a Loyola alum (woo woo!). While there, I put to practice a lot of the foundational skills from my 1L – especially my legal research and writing skills. 

Beyond building on skills that 1L taught me, I also gained invaluable experience while learning how to conduct client meetings, work on incredibly complex legal issues, and much more. In this organization, I was given a lot of responsibility, which was really awesome experience – especially after 1L. I learned a lot in that position and loved my time there. 

After the rigors of 1L, even working a regular job felt like a break. When I got home from work, I did not have to do reading for the next day, work on a memo, or update any outline. What a treat! 

I started work the Monday after finals finished, which – yes – was tough to make that immediate transition. 

When I ended my job near the end of July, I had just over two weeks to relax and gear up for 2L. I went to the San Diego, spent time outside, read a few books, saw my friends, and just relaxed. While I do not recommend starting work immediately after finals, I do like being busy, so my crowded summer schedule was nothing new for me. Additionally, even a short summer break is lovely – especially since I have very few actual “summer breaks” left! 

Even still, I was glad to get back in the flow of school after the dust of summer settled, and learn more about the laws I got to work with over the summer.