Thursday, December 15, 2022

How I Spent My Summer

After the rollercoaster that was 1L, I couldn’t wait to regain some freedom during the summer. Of course, I did have a summer externship to be responsible for, but I also prioritized myself and reconnecting with my loved ones. I externed at The Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles for their Economic Stability Workgroup. It was an amazing experience working with like-minded individuals who are so devoted to their work. I learned a lot about myself academically, professionally, and personally. Working on cases, in real life, is totally different than reading about them and discussing them in class. Doing this type of work was exactly what I needed to regain my passion for being an “advocate.” This time also served me to create a sustainable routine that would keep me grounded during 2L. I honestly took my free time during the summer as “me” time. I focused on my physical and mental health by exercising regularly, reading poetry, and actually spending quality time with friends and family rather than texting/calling them. This is in contrast to the summer before my 1L. At that time, I did focus on family and friends but I took that time to explore new outside places. This time around, I decided to do some internal exploring, and it was great.