Tuesday, November 22, 2022


Hello all! My name is Itzayary Aguilar and I am a 2L here at Loyola. It seems a little unreal to say that, because I feel like I was just a 1L some weeks ago. So much has changed since 1L and I am excited to share the wealth! I have grown more comfortable on campus and a lot more confident in my abilities. I think this is something many first generation Latinx students experience and sometimes struggle with, especially because imposter syndrome is very real and is completely valid. As a 1L, I spent most of the first semester feeling a bit intimidated and nervous. However, I have learned that many 1Ls feel the same, and everyone is just trying their best to get through it with grace. Now, as a 2L, I realize that it will all be ok in the end, and all you can do is give it your all and keep going. The coursework will always be rigorous and challenging, but you gain and develop skills that help you conquer it. Taking a step back, that is really why we are all law students, to learn and gain new experiences.

The biggest lesson I learned is to truly focus on myself and my own journey. There is a lot of noise on campus about how to study properly, what jobs to apply to, and how many extracurriculars to try out for. Ultimately, none of the noise matters if it is not aligned with what you are passionate about and who you want to be as a professional. Law school feels different in that sense, it feels a lot more like a personalized experience that I am in control of, as opposed to the other way around. With that being said, I decided to be more involved on campus to become more comfortable with the campus itself and I am now a general board member for both the Women’s Law Association and Reproductive Justice LA, as well as the Communications Chair for the Public Interest Law Foundation. Prior to coming to law school, I worked in two different self-help centers, primarily working with family law, restraining order, and unlawful detainer documents. To become familiar with a new area of law, I applied for the State Income Tax Clinic which has given me invaluable experience as a student representative for taxpayers in the appeals process. In sum, I am the product of all of these experiences, mistakes, lessons learned, and more! Please feel free to approach me on campus. I would love to get to know everyone.