Friday, August 19, 2022

Summer Plans

Hello all! I am writing this blog post from the library at Loyola, where I have spent more time than I would like to admit (and at least 10% of it has been napping at the desk because I deem that a good way to use my time, I guess). Anyhow, two years and twenty blog posts (give or take – I’m not good at maths) later, I am here to tell you what I plan on doing with my summer after graduating from Loyola. (But can I first once again mention how ridiculously fast time has flown by?)

Now, onto what I plan on doing this summer:  I do have something lined up after graduation, but it’s not long-term, so I’ve recently started applying for full-time jobs back home in preparation for my return. I’m pretty excited to be seeing my friends and family again, but I’m definitely also very sad about leaving LA (admittedly, a pretty big reason is probably the weather – it recently snowed back home (yes, in April!!!!), and I’m not looking forward to having to actually wear a winter jacket again). 

Between the job applications (and stress eating), I’ll be spending two weeks on a road trip around the US with some friends (only ever as a passenger though, because I still do not have a driver’s license, so I will be the snack supplier to make up for my lack of driving). Honestly, I didn’t spend much time travelling during the academic year – the furthest I went was San Diego on a weekend road trip – because (a) I cannot drive and so it wasn’t like I could go far even if I wanted to, and (b) because, duh, school. However, soon I’ll be exam and reading-free, and I absolutely plan on making use of that before leaving the country. 

Since this is my last blog post (ever!), I’m feeling inclined to just ramble on and on (and on), but there’s really nothing left for me to say. So with that, I would just like to say good luck to anyone who is applying (or has already applied) to Loyola! Moreover, to any LLM students who will be moving to a whole new country (or even continent), and leaving all your friends and family behind, I know how nerve-wracking that can be/seem. And while  I can only speak from my experience, if yours ends up anything like mine, you’ll have an amazing time both at Loyola and in LA, and become part of a community of people.

And with that final tiny ramble, I’ve had a great time writing for Jury of Peers, and hope you all have a great summer.