Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Summer Plans

This summer, I have an internship with a local organization in Los Angeles. I was able to get this job through the Loyola on-campus interview program earlier this semester. 

I’m excited to step out of the classroom and put the skills I’ve learned this semester to use by helping the organization and working on real cases. 

The great thing about 1L at Loyola is you spend a lot of time learning the foundations of what you will need in your first summer job. After spending almost a full year focusing on legal research and writing, I feel confident in my ability to help the organization conduct research that will help the senior attorneys in their work. 

Beyond research and writing, the broad scope of classes we take in 1L allow us to have a strong base of learning about different court procedures, local laws, and how we can apply those to help wherever we are working reach an answer to whatever issue they need help solving. 

Because Loyola has such a large reach in Los Angeles, I was also able to speak with someone who has worked at the organization where I will be working. They were able to give me advice on how best to serve the organization and the greater community as a whole. It made me really excited for the summer and getting the practical, real life experience that will best prepare me for 2L and beyond!