Thursday, April 7, 2022

I Love Loyola

Coming into law school, I felt very nervous and did not know what to expect. However, over the course of the school year, I have felt increasingly comfortable and welcomed. During the Fall semester, one of my friends mentioned that she felt a sense of community here at Loyola. I did understand what she meant but I did not feel I could relate at first. Now, I completely relate and it is one of my favorite things about being a Loyola student. I think a major reason why I have felt such a change is building connections with my peers and with the professors. I have also made an effort to meet with one of my mentors (a Loyola alumna) more often. My peers, mentors, professors, and others like Dean Craig have made me feel supported in so many ways. It is SO important to build connections and to have a support system. It is common sense that if we do not create connections, we will be disconnected and feel disconnected, but I guess it took me some time to discover this idea as it applies here in law school. In short, what I love the most about being at Loyola is the sense of community and the amazing people I have had the privilege of befriending. If you are out there wondering if law school is meant for you, I am telling you that it is. If you are wondering if Loyola is the right fit for you, I am reassuring you that it is. Not only are the people, courses, staff, and experiences great . . . but we also have Starbucks . . . I am a coffee addict like most of us here, so I must admit coffee might be my truest love on campus.