Friday, April 8, 2022

I Love Loyola

One of the best things about Loyola is that I have never felt like a faceless number to better statistics. From admissions to being a student, I feel like the administration truly cares about me as a person – I had a name, a face, a story that goes well beyond my LSAT score and GPA. Loyola cares more about the human aspect of their students than most. 

This experience is part of the reason I was so excited to come to Loyola! 

And now that I’m a student, I can tell my professors feel the same way. Instead of focusing on making sure we are all getting the best grades possible and be the best law students possible, my professors want to ensure that we are all going to become the best attorneys possible. And while, yes, grades are important, it is far more important to my professors that we are learning the material to a degree that will equate to good practice when we get summer jobs and post-graduation. 

My friends feel the same way and it is a joy to get to experience together. While some of us were not as happy with our fall semester grades, that ultimately won’t matter. Because while we are working so hard in classes, we are ultimately not striving to become the best law students ever (Elle Woods might have that title). We are striving to become the best attorneys – to make the difference outside of law school. 

Loyola encourages this idea. Ultimately, they want their students – as people, not numbers – to engage with the material and learn it as best we can so we can leave law school knowing how to practice the law. 

Being a student is temporary (even though the semesters might feel oh-so long) – a short term stop on the path of where we’re all trying to go. But being an engaged active community member representing their community and practicing the law – that’s long term.