Tuesday, April 5, 2022

I Love Loyola

This February, the season of love, I encourage all of us to look at the relationships in our lives and celebrate them, whether they are from family, friends, or significant others. Last weekend, as I was volunteering for an LMU Loyola Law School Admissions Event, I was really reminded of why I love Loyola. Getting the opportunity as an Admissions Ambassador to connect with prospective students, from the evening to the day program alike, was a great reminder of the many things that I love about Loyola. One of the things I found that I was always telling students about was the relationships that I have formed during my time here. I have had the honor to experience great mentorship, from fellow students and alumni alike. Especially in my 1L year, I feel that the faculty and my professors were really inviting and willing to help through the challenges that is the 1L year. As I was speaking to prospective students, I was happy to share about all of the different affinity groups and clinical opportunities that we have on campus. It reminded me that one of the things I really love about Loyola is the fact that no matter what students were interested in, I was comfortable letting them know there are opportunities at Loyola waiting for them. I really am grateful to have this opportunity, and this Valentine's Day season, I encourage you all to celebrate the love you have for the things in your life, whether it is inside or outside the courtroom or the classroom!