Thursday, April 21, 2022

Experiential Learning Opportunities

I have had the amazing opportunity to take advantage of so many of the experiential learning opportunities here at LMU Loyola Law School. My fall semester of my 2L year I participated in the Center for Conflict Resolution’s Collaborative Family Law Clinic. Every Friday, we participated in pro-bono mediation sessions for families who were interested in pursuing a more amicable approach to divorce proceedings. As clinical students, we would do the initial interview of each party, debrief the volunteer attorneys on any legal concerns, and facilitate the mediation. The experience was helpful in solidifying my interest in family law. In addition, this semester I am externing with the Honorable Harvey A. Silberman, in the Los Angeles Superior Court. As an extern, I work closely with Judge Silberman by observing hearings, preparing orders after hearing, and reviewing judgements. I was able to take advantage of this opportunity through the Judicial Placement Program, where I worked with Professor Delfino at every stage of the process, from my applications to receiving course credit for my work. Finally, I have chosen to concentrate in Civil Litigation and Advocacy, because of my passion for family law and litigation. Throughout my time at Loyola, I will be taking classes catered to strengthening litigation skills, from Trial Advocacy, Remedies, to even more experiential opportunities through the Civil Litigation Practicum. In this year-long course, we simulate the litigation process for a civil matter from pleadings to pre-trial. This year, our simulated civil matter is a wrongful death claim. I am grateful that Loyola has so many experiential opportunities to choose from, where I have not had to compromise my legal education for my desire for practical experience!