Friday, April 29, 2022

Experiential Learning Fair Opportunities

The Career Development Office is always bringing so many opportunities and speakers for law students to learn about various areas of law. One of the greatest opportunities, especially for 1L students, is the Experiential Fair. This two-week long event is full of informational sessions where students can learn about various clinics. In addition, students get the opportunity to learn how to apply for judicial externships, or receive course credits for working in the public service sector and in private firms during the school year. I highly recommend all 1L students, and even 2Ls looking for more experience, to watch out for emails and the website about this event. Here, I was able to not only learn about all of the various experiential opportunities available, but I was able to narrow down what opportunities I was the most interested in and what I thought would be the most valuable to my law school experience. Whether the event is virtual or in-person, the Experiential Fair is accessible to all students, as many opportunities will have informationals in the evening and in the lunch hour, so both day and evening students have access to these resources. I highly recommend, especially to the 1L class, to keep an eye out for this event!