Thursday, April 28, 2022

1L Elective

This semester, I’m taking Law and Privacy Torts.

It wasn’t my first choice. I was gunning for Criminal Procedure this semester, but I couldn’t get the class. 

I did, however, get into Law and Privacy Torts. 

And I’m glad I did.

Law and Privacy Torts examines the tort of Intrusion Upon Seclusion (IUS) and anything related to invasion of privacy. 

I love this class because it moves at a more relaxed pace. It doesn’t hit you with a gazillion different concepts in one day. You examine the elements, concepts, and cases in-depth. 

And perhaps more than other classes, you feel comfortable making mistakes and getting cold-called on. In part because this class is designed to improve your law school skills.

That said, the class helps with test-taking. Each week, we work on Hypos and issue-spotting exams. We use what we learn in class and apply it to previous exams. 

I know that sounds redundant. But not every professor offers practice exams or multiple-choice hypos to improve your skills, let alone time to learn how to approach an exam. Sometimes, all you have is your outline and (maybe?) some in-class questions.

That said, I genuinely appreciate the class for providing hypothetical essays and multiple-choice questions. As a 1L, there’s not a this of time to learn how an actual law school exam works. And even if you practice some before school begins, it doesn’t always translate to the real-world exam. 

The class is super supportive, and I do enjoy learning about privacy torts. It’s quite helpful for any area of law you pursue.