Monday, March 7, 2022

Building Relationships with Faculty

 I try my best to participate in class and attend office hours if I have any questions, so that my professors can get to know me. I had Professor Brain as my Torts professor during the fall 2021 semester. A lot of you probably have seen online or heard that Professor Brain is involved with video game law and has written a casebook about it. I think with the scope of technological developments and how video games have evolved within the past few years, including the development of new gaming consoles and pc gaming becoming very popular during quarantine, video games have become a central topic in today’s society, the media, and of controversy. I was able to talk to Professor Brain before the semester ended, telling him about my interest in video game law and if I could ask him for advice. He did let me know that it is a competitive field, but he’s always willing to make an appointment to meet with anyone to give advice. I plan on connecting with Professor Brain sometime this semester or in the upcoming future to discover more opportunities regarding video game law and how to further explore my interests in the field.

When applying to our 1L summer positions, I think most people use their first graded memorandum assignment from their writing class as a writing sample. When I was polishing my writing sample to send out judicial externship applications for the summer of 2022, it was very helpful to receive and incorporate feedback from my writing professor (Professor Levin). During class, Professor Levin has been very motivating, and she encourages us to seek help from her if we need help finding a summer position.

Right now, I have been reaching out to my professors to set up office hour appointments, so I can review my midterm and final exams from last semester. I appreciate that the faculty is very kind and are willing to meet with students to help them learn and succeed. I’m thankful that the faculty are a good resource at LLS, and they have inspired me to consider pursuing academia as a future career path.