Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Building Relationships with Faculty

When making my final law school choice, I made sure to speak to current students at the schools to ask about their experiences. The students at Loyola could not say enough good things about their professors. I mean…gushing would be the right word probably. Of course, some had gripes about this professor, and another loved that one… But all in all, every student had the same thing to say: the professors at Loyola want all of their students to succeed and become amazing attorneys. 

Now that I’m a full semester (plus some) into my time at Loyola, I can say that those students are 100% right! My professors this year truly want to make my colleagues and me great lawyers. They put in so much of their own time to make sure we understand the complex, and yes-at some points dry, material. The professors all have regular office hours but, and perhaps this is a positive thing to come out of covid, they are all extremely happy to meet one-on-one over zoom if need be to help us understand. 

My professors never make any of us feel like our questions are stupid or a waste of class time. Last semester, I spent about 10 minutes of class time debating the way tort law looks at mental health with my professor. At the time, I felt embarrassed by how much time I had spent arguing with the man who actually wrote our textbook, but after class, my professor thanked me for my questions. 

And trust me, if you have a question, someone else (or multiple people) have the same exact question you do. Don’t be afraid to ask it! 

I think that one of the best things about Loyola is that the school really strives to foster these good relationships among professors and students. The professors are all incredible – several of mine literally wrote the book on the law they teach – and they have life experiences that contribute to just how well they know the law. 

I feel really lucky to have these professors teach me the law, and I hope that – humbly – by attending office hours and asking questions, they feel lucky to have me as a student.