Thursday, March 3, 2022

Building Relationships with Faculty

 While I, personally love law school movies like Legally Blonde, since starting law school I have learned that their portrayal of professors is not at all accurate. While I am only a 1L and haven’t had a lot of professors yet, my experience at Loyola this far has been that the majority of professors want you to succeed and are very supportive and encouraging.

Every professor I’ve had has had regular office hours where they will answer questions, go over material, or talk about the exam. Before every exam, they also have a review session. Also, my professors have been understanding that we all have things going on in our personal lives, especially because of the pandemic, and will be as accommodating as they can. On the first day of one of my classes, my professor wrote her personal phone number on the board. “Throughout the semester,” she said, “Remember you have at least one person who will be there when you need them, day or night.”

Outside of professors, the faculty at the Career Development Office is helpful and accessible as well. They meet with 1Ls to go over resumes, cover letters, and even hold mock interviews. During my mandatory 1Ls meeting, my advisor gave me so much information about what clubs to join and professors to talk to to learn more about the career fields I am interested in. She also encouraged me to reach out to her should I have any questions or concerns about finding internships while I’m in school.

Overall, the faculty that I have met with have been amazing. They know what we’re going through and the challenges we’re facing, and they want to help in any way they can. This is one of the things I love most about Loyola. Everyone at Loyola wants students to succeed and encourages us to be the best future lawyers and people we can be.